Sabtu, 18 April 2009

how deep u love to your father?

i just wanna share here bout my experience here,
i have been work in interior contractor n manufacture company, as procurment staff,always meet one by one people, courier, sales, debt collector, and so many peoples here.

someday i look someone, he is old, around 60 years old, sometimes i feel mercy with him, why he has to work in his age???, then i talk with him,
"hello,,,,i said,
his replied..."yes",look still strong...but still feel mercy.

but he talk to me with proud,"i have 3 children,1st to be doctor, 2nd work in STANDART Chartered, the last son still in senior high school,,,,,,,,,,,

huh!!!i am really surprising with him, i really proud hear that he said.

now, just realize if our father really hard worker to complete family neccessary, for taking food daily, until school fee for his children.
so...please everybody just always respect to your parent, i know bout their sacrifice,right?, u are lucky still have complete parent...i am not like yours.
since senior high school, my father has pas away then i have to staying alive,my mom is jobless, sometimes i sad...i have struggle to staying alone in Jakarta, and pay everything by myself.

till now...always alone n lonely without my father, and my mom is so far away from me, and i have to struggle in Jakarta to staying alive.

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  1. do u know....he is just a courier...???
    he is courier, from one of my suppliers in my office, i really proud meet him,
    do you know about courier salary???but his children success to be doctor....???nice n surprising..this is learning!!!!!!!!!!!!