Minggu, 15 Maret 2009

Something happened with my fren from India after ‘dugem’

Something happened with my fren from India after ‘dugem’

We have no relationship be4, she just my partner in office. One nite we go to nite club together for enjoy weekend. Until early morning we drunk both, after that we back to my apartment, without realizing…we kisses one each other, then huhhh one by one we open our clothes … then something happened.

Oh God, morning comes then he realize that happened last nite,huh lol!!!
I am disappointed, but it has happened, she look crying…I hug her body without dress.
Do u know he has girl friend in India, Bombay. They talk hearth to hearth, finally they can accept that happened the nite. Fortunately she didn’t pregnant, he said after 2 weeks ,”thank God.

But their relationship until now finally, though he has realized he has affair from her girl friend. He doesn’t know he will keep this relationship until when, and choose one of them for seriously getting merit.

How bout u there? He has to choose one of them, but it is difficult, because he need seriously relationship for getting merit. The both are same.

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